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Intercultural Leadership Program

The Intercultural Leadership Program  is a 2-3 year program that brings together a dynamic group of students to develop their unique leadership potential to make a difference in the world. The program emphasizes the importance of intercultural competence and knowledge, as students learn alongside local, national, and international women leaders to see how change happens in a variety of real world contexts.

The program integrates students' intercultural learning in classes from a range of academic departments, retreats, mentoring, study abroad experiences, co-curricular activities, and a self-designed leadership project.   Students will demonstrate proficiency in six key areas through an electronic portfolio that helps them to reflect on their intercultural leadership experiences across campus, in the local community and abroad.

Goals for Students

  • Empower students to see themselves as effective change agents/leaders

  • Synthesize students curricular and co-curricular intercultural leadership education

  • Deepen students’ understanding of the ethical/spiritual dimension of leadership

  • Develop students’ independence, emotional and intellectual maturity and comfort level dealing with difference

Challenge students who want to be effective leaders in an interconnected world to continued practice of their intercultural skills and life-long intercultural engagement

For more information on the Intercultural Leadership Program contact Professor Mana Derakhshani mana [at] saintmarys [dot] edu

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