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Seoul, South Korea is the second largest city in world and is currently one of the fastest growing economies. Today, it is considered to be a leading global city that ranks in the world’s top ten financial and commercial centers because of booming companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai.

The study abroad program in Seoul, South Korea is new to Saint Mary's College. As of Fall 2011, three Saint Mary’s students have participated in the program at Ewha Woman’s University. Each of these students has returned with a new found appreciation for people of other cultures and has experienced a lifetime of memories in a city that many students never get the chance to visit.

This program features:

• Over 300 undergraduate classes taught in English

• On-campus dormitory for all international students

• PEACE buddy program

Students are paired with an Ewha student who help them adjust to the new culture and who host on and off campus events. Korean language is not required for this program, nor is it necessary to enjoy daily life in the city of Seoul. English is a popular language in South Korea and most things are already translated into English.

Travel and Orientation

Students must provide their own transportation to South Korea and back. Once students arrive in South Korea, they have a one-week orientation period. This orientation includes:

• School tours/ city tours

• Move-in to dormitory

• The chance to sit in on classes and choose which ones to take for the semester

• Meet and greet activities for international students


Exchange students are provided with housing in two residence halls on campus. Students are able to choose between the International House and the Graduate Dormitories. Both are conveniently located near the entrance to campus and classroom buildings. Students can choose between a single or double occupancy room, most of which have personal showers and bathrooms.

All school buildings including the gym, laundry room, library, and computer lab are available for exchange students to use. There are two large cafeterias and a variety of international restaurants on campus. Also, there are hundreds of restaurants within a short walking distance.

Financial Aid

Participants from Saint Mary’s College are eligible for financial assistance. The amount of financial aid is determined by the usual methods and is applied through the Office of Financial Aid on Campus.


SMC provides international insurance for all participants for the duration of the program. Heath facilities are located across the street from the University and provide adequate English-speaking services. Saint Mary’s College exercises every possible care in the arrangements made for its students. The College, however, is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to person or property, nor does it accept responsibility in connection with the service of any means of transportation. It is wise to have insurance on personal baggage and possessions.


The South Korea program is open to students of all majors. Ewha woman’s University provides over 310 English-taught courses in a wide variety of disciplines. Therefore, Korean language is not a requirement for this program.

The university has colleges for each of the following:

• Liberal Arts
• Social Sciences
• Natural Sciences
• Engineering
• Arts
• Education
• Law
• Pharmacy
• Business
• Health Science
• International Studies

Credits are earned through Saint Mary’s College. The academic regulations are the same as those on the home campus. Saint Mary’s College reserves the right to modify or cancel any aspect of the program should conditions warrant it.


Costs are kept to a minimum. Fees cover tuition and housing. Students will also be provided with a one-time food stipend that is enough to cover the cost of eating three meals a day (on or off campus) for the duration of the semester.

It does not cover round–trip airfare, other travel, registration, passport fees, books or expenditures of a personal nature.


The Seoul program is open to undergraduates from all accredited institutions. Eligibility is based on academic record, personal recommendations, and the assurance of readiness for living and studying overseas.

The student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on the 4.0 system. Korean language is not a requirement for this program.

Students from other institutions other than Saint Mary’s College are encouraged to apply.

Other Opportunities

Ewha Woman’s University is not the only university in South Korea that is affiliated with Saint Mary’s College. There are also opportunities to study at The Catholic University of Korea and Seoul Women's University.

The Catholic University of Korea offers students a scholarship that covers all costs including tuition, room & board and travel costs.

Video of neighborhood surrounding Ewha Women’s University:

For more information contact:  

Dr. Alice Yang
South Korea Program Coordinator
Assistant Director, Global Education
Chinese Lecturer
(574) 284-4263

syang [at] saintmarys [dot] edu

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