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The Honduras program will be offered in summer 2015.  This is a three-week, three-credit seminar, from mid-May to early June in Honduras in cooperation with two other institutions: the University of Richmond and Rhodes College.

In partnership with the Heifer Project, this class explores issues related to poverty, development, gender concerns and human rights. The course of study includes one week devoted to a cultural, political and historical orientation to Honduras, based in Tegucigalpa, the capital city; a second week where students live in villages that are in partnership with the Heifer Project, including service-learning with development projects in those villages; and a third week with more service-learning in an orphanage and time in Copan, site of Mayan ruins in Honduras. The course includes reflection and discussion while in-country, as well as preparatory readings and post-trip debriefings. 


Facts at a Glance

When is the Program? Summer 2015
Summer 2013 (cancelled)

How much does it cost? The program fee is $3000 which covers transporation, academic credit, food, and lodging
Are there any additional costs? $100 - $150 for souvenirs, gifts, cyber cafê, and long distance calls (which are cheap)
How do I apply? The application is online.
What other materials are required? You will need to have two letters of reference.  Full instructions are included with the application.
Will I receive Academic Credit? You will receive three credits either through the Intercultural Studies or Justice Education Programs at Saint Marys' College.

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For more information, contact:  

Marc Belanger, Associate Professor, Political Science
Faculty Coordinator, Honduras Summer Study Program
(574) 284-5263
belanger [at] saintmarys [dot] edu

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