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Compassionate Listening Workshop Professional Staff

Compassionate Listening Workshop for Professional Staff primarily interacting with Students

May 22, 2018 

Haggar Parlor

9 a.m. -3 p.m.

Compassionate Listening is one of the skills that can help us cultivate the “literacy of integration” through transformative dialogue. Drawn from the traditions of “deep listening” practices of Buddhism, Quaker peace-building trainings, and Rev. Basil Anthony Moreau CSC’s teaching concerning “cultivating the heart,” this workshop explores methods for communication that can foster openness to others and forthright collaboration in the classroom, the campus, and with other groups.


When:            Workshop 1: Tuesday, May 22, 9 am to 3 p.m. for Professional Staff primarily interacting with Students.

                        Workshop 2: Wednesday, May 23, 9 am to 3 p.m. for faculty


Registration:  Call Chris Germann at 4051 or email at cwil [at] saintmarys [dot] edu, and indicate which workshop you will be attending.


Deadline:  May 7, 2018


This workshop counts as a Community Dialogue event.


Any questions or concerns, email Mana at mana [at] saintmarys [dot] edu

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