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Sophia Courses

The following lists of Sophia Courses offered by each study abroad program are for your reference. When planning to take courses abroad we hope that you consider taking courses that are unique to the country that you are making your home for the semester. The course lists that follow are only for courses that have been pre-approved for the general education requirements. Since curricula at our partner institutions change continuously, you should consider these listings as a general guide to the types of courses you will find at a location.

If you find a course that you believe meets the Sophia general education requirements but is not listed here, please bring it to the program faculty coordinator or the Office of Student Academic Services Please keep in mind that 128 credits are required for the Saint Mary’s College degree and in most cases the courses in a major plus the courses in the Sophia Program add up to less than the required credit hours of 128. This means there are unassigned, but required, elective courses for the 128 hour requirement.

As part of the process for pre-departure, you will have all the courses you intend to take signed off by the Office of Student Academic Services and filed in your student file. Sophia and elective courses will be approved by the Student Academic Services . Major or minor courses will need to be approved by department chairs.


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