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Participatory Leadership Model

Participatory Leadership is an emerging model of women’s intercultural
leadership that ca
Participatory Leadership is an emerging model of women’s intercultural
leadership that can be a powerful force for creating agency and building community.  It was developed by a group of diverse  students, staff, faculty and community women of many ages, backgrounds, languages, religions, ethnicities, cultures, education, work and life experiences.

This paper is the initial version of an on-going process that describes the essential elements identified to date for this work that grows out of the experience of the Community Connections efforts.

This work that brings us together takes multiple expressions: conferences, trips, workshops, study groups, and retreats. These environments move us beyond the usual parameters of women meeting together as representatives of agencies, organizations, or neighborhoods to solve problems.  We play, laugh, eat, create, and dream with each other.  Our relationships deepen, become richer and more complex.  We build new networks, a new sense of community.  We inspire each other.

After a successful presentation to the Alumnae conference, the research on the Participatory Leadership continues by Kimberlie Warren and Erin Crawford Cressey under the guidance of Joy Evans.   Their research is helping us better understand and develop this model which is gaining interest in different settings.

If you would like to see a Power Point presentation on Participtory Leadership given at the 2005 Saint Mary's Alumnae Leadership Conference, click on link below.  Please note that only 5 of the 8 elements are highlighted .  If you would like to see the fuller text of the model, please refer to the pdf version.


Participatory Leadership Power Point Presentation (ppt)

Presentation on the Participatory Leadership Model (pdf)

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