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International Education Practicum

Global Studies Major-

International Higher Education Administration Concentration

EDUC 488 International Education Practicum

  • Sponsoring organization: Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership

  • Faculty: Dr. Alice Yang

  • Supervisors: Alice Yang, Adriana Petty

  • This course consists of:

    • Mini-lectures

    • Working with CWIL staff in the areas of Study Abroad, International Student Scholar Services, English Language School

    • Supervised tasks and projects that an international/global education employee would encounter on a routine basis:

      • Building and maintaining websites

      • Actively using social media

      • Working to promote Saint Mary’s international opportunities 

International Higher Education Administration Concentration (15 hours)

Coordinator, M. Traxler

For more information about this concentration and required courses: https://www.saintmarys.edu/majors/global-studies-international-higher-education-administration

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o   NAFSA: Association of International Educators http://www.nafsa.org/Connect_and_Network/Explore_Careers/



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