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Entry Deadline:  October 29, 2018

Photo Contest Flyer, 2018

Essay Contest Flyer, 2018

Video Contest Flyer, 2018

Tell us about your exciting experience Studying Abroad!!

2017 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners:

Scenic View

1st Place:  Meredith Kisla

This was my view of Innsbruck during my semester abroad in Austria. This picture was

taken in the late spring on a sunny morning before the snow melted from the tops of the mountains.

2nd Place: Maura Newel

Semester at Sea Spring 2017 

Host Country/Landscape 

Agra, India 

Taj Mahal 

3rd Place: Rachel McCarthy

This picture was taken in Dingle, where I took my family when they came

during my last few weeks in Ireland.


SMC Portrait

1st Place: Heather DiLallo

This was taken in Chitwan National Reserve in southern Nepal. We were able to spend a few days there and see countless exotic animals. One of the highlights was trekking for over three hours, coming upon a guy washing his elephant, and hearing our guide ask if we could help bathe it. This quickly turned into myself and Natalie Spica riding the elephant and being bathed by it instead. 

2nd Place: Maura Newel

Semester at Sea Spring 2017 

Saint Mary's Portrait 

Sahara Desert, Morocco 

Taken on a camel riding through the Sahara.

3rd Place: Meredith Kisla

This picture was taken in front of the iconic colorful buildings in Innsbruck. Gluten tag!



1st Place: Anna McClowry

Reading to the kids at Moreau Primary School (Uganda, Africa) was the best part to my day of teaching!

2nd Place: Elizabeth Quaye

Here is one example of the eagerness of the local people to see foreigners.

I was somewhat of a celebrity in nearly every location we visited!

3rd Place: Victoria Chandler

Seville, Spain

Spring 2017


In this photo my host mother and her sister are helping me to get ready for our

center’s desfile de Feria, basically a fashion show for the international students get

to strut down the runway in traditional Spanish flamenco dresses and accessories. 

2017 Study Abroad Video Contest Winners

1st Place  Elizabeth Dundon   

Elizabeth's Video Link

2nd Place  Angela Bozik        

Angela's Video Link

3rd Place  Sofia Scott              

Sofia's Video Link   

2017 Study Abroad Essay Contest Winners

1st Place:  Veronika Hanks

Read Veronika's Essay Here

2nd Place: Megan Uekert 

Read Megan's Essay Here

3rd Place: Jovita Lledo Munoz 

Read Jovita's Essay Here


Study Abroad Newsletter (pdf)


Previous Study Abroad Essay Contest Winners

2016 Essay Contest Winners

1st Prize - "19" by Jessica McCartney (Ireland)

2nd Prize - "Peregrination: (noun) to travel by foot: a journey" by Adrienne Whisman (Archaeology in Trim, Ireland)

3rd Prize - "My Study Abroad Dream" by Caylin McCallick (Archeology in Trim, Ireland)


Past Photo and Video Contest Winners


Attending the Welcome Back Party

o We will have activities that focus on:

Reverse culture shock
Marketing your experience for employment and networking
How to put your experience on your résumé
Learn to describe your time abroad in a professional manner—getting past “It was awesome!”

Maintaining and Advancing Language Acquisition upon re-entry

o Seek out conversation partners with international students at SMC:
o Continue your language courses

Opportunities to get involved and use your international education experience

o Peer advising
o Joining cultural clubs and organizations- https://www.saintmarys.edu/clubs
o Volunteering at information sessions & other events
Internship opportunities at CWIL
o International Learning Showcase

Staying Connected

o Like your program on Facebook or contact your peer advisor to create one if your program does not yet have one!
o Share stories, memories, photos
o Complete program evaluations-chance to reflect on the pros and cons

Careers and other opportunities

o Intercultural studies major or minor
o Global studies major or minor
o Opportunities to go abroad again

Graduate programs
Teaching jobs abroad
Research Grants

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