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Returning to Campus

Attending the Welcome Back Party

o We will have activities that focus on:

Reverse culture shock
Marketing your experience for employment and networking
How to put your experience on your résumé
Learn to describe your time abroad in a professional manner—getting past “It was awesome!”

Maintaining and Advancing Language Acquisition upon re-entry

o Seek out conversation partners with international students at SMC:
o Continue your language courses

Opportunities to get involved and use your international education experience

o Peer advising
o Joining cultural clubs and organizations- https://www.saintmarys.edu/clubs
o Volunteering at information sessions & other events
Internship opportunities at CWIL
o International Learning Showcase

Staying Connected

o Like your program on Facebook or contact your peer advisor to create one if your program does not yet have one!
o Share stories, memories, photos
o Complete program evaluations-chance to reflect on the pros and cons

Careers and other opportunities

o Intercultural studies major or minor
o Global studies major or minor
o Opportunities to go abroad again

Graduate programs
Teaching jobs abroad
Research Grants

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