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Tell us about your exciting experience Studying Abroad!!

2018 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners:

Scenic View/Landscape Winners

1st Place:  Hannah Nation (China)

Yu Garden, Shanghai, China: A famous classical Chinese garden located near the City of God Temple in Shanghai, China.


2nd Place:  Abby Seubert (Australia)

Phucket, Thailand - We took a day trip to the Phi Phi islands. The Phi Phi islands are surrounded by large limestone towers and caves that remain uninhabited by humans. We were able to go snorkeling in the spot that this picture was taken.


3rd Place:  Mary Ducaji (Australia)

Kalbarri National Park Western Australia, called Nature’s Window. Went to the park on trip to Ningaloo Reef. Called Nature’s Window because when you look out of it, you have this spectacular view. 


3rd Place:  Shannon Sheridan (Rome)

Rome, Italy. I would walk down this beautiful alley every morning to my classes. This picture is in the small community of Trastevere just behind Piazza Tirlussa. I love this photo because it shows the traditional cobblestone streets, the beautiful Italian character, and the path to my favorite Gelaterià. 


SMC Portrait Winners

1st Place:  Angeline Barthel (Spain)

During the Feria de abril (Fair of April), my host mother’s best friend lent me a red traje de gitana to wear for the week. We celebrated the beginning with a mini fashion show at our school.


2nd Place:  Sidney Nash (Australia)

This photo is of me riding camels in the sunset of Cable Beach in Northern Australia. 


3rd Place:  Hannah Nation (China)

The Bund in Shanghai, China: The famous Shanghai skyline as seen from the western bank of the Huangpu River, affectionately known as the Bund.


3rd Place:  Angeline Barthel (Spain)

I had the opportunity to go to Egypt during my time abroad in Sevilla and realize a childhood dream of visiting the Pyramids of Giza.


Interaction Winners

1st Place:  Abby Seubert (Australia)

Australian Outback - We spent a week camping in the Australian outback on an indigenous reserve. On our final night we had the opportunity to participate in a traditional fireside ceremony. The Indigenous women took the women from the college to prepare. This included learning traditional dances, starting the fire, and having our face painted. In the picture below, an Indigenous girl is painting my face in preparation for the ceremony. 


2nd Place:  Maura Honan (Semester at Sea)

Photo of receiving a homemade bracelet and pot with my new Ghanian name painted on it of "Happiness"


3rd Place:  Allison Sobottke (Uganda)

Taking a break from Immunization Outreach to visit a school next door!


Video Contest Winners

1st Place  Noreen Meloney (South Korea)

Watch “Mind, Body, Seoul”

2nd Place  Abby Seubert (Australia)

3rd Place  Shannon Sheridan (Rome)

Watch “My Time Abroad: Summary”

Essay Contest Winners

1st Place  Anne Maguire (Spain)

Read Anne's Essay

2nd Place  Kendra Osinski (Spain)

Read Kendra's Essay

3rd Place  Maura Honan (Semester at Sea)

Read Maura's Essay

3rd Place  Jennifer Kreighbaum (Spain)

Read Jennifer's Essay


Study Abroad Newsletter (pdf)

Attending the Welcome Back Party

o We will have activities that focus on:

Reverse culture shock
Marketing your experience for employment and networking
How to put your experience on your résumé
Learn to describe your time abroad in a professional manner—getting past “It was awesome!”

Maintaining and Advancing Language Acquisition upon re-entry

o Seek out conversation partners with international students at SMC:
o Continue your language courses

Opportunities to get involved and use your international education experience

o Peer advising
o Joining cultural clubs and organizations- https://www.saintmarys.edu/clubs
o Volunteering at information sessions & other events
Internship opportunities at CWIL
o International Learning Showcase

Staying Connected

o Like your program on Facebook or contact your peer advisor to create one if your program does not yet have one!
o Share stories, memories, photos
o Complete program evaluations-chance to reflect on the pros and cons

Careers and other opportunities

o Intercultural studies major or minor
o Global studies major or minor
o Opportunities to go abroad again

Graduate programs
Teaching jobs abroad
Research Grants

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