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Proficiency Areas


The program consists of six areas of proficiency that a student must demonstrate in order to be certified as a Saint Mary's College intercultural leader.  The six areas develop students’ knowledge of the self, others, and the interconnected relationship of leaders to the world.


Focus on your leadership

  • Recognize the Leader Within
  • Articulate Your Ethical/Spiritual Center

Focus on intercultural skills

  • Engage with and Value Diversity
  • Dialogue on Power and Privilege

Integrate leadership and intercultural competence to take your place in the history of social change

  • Create Inclusive and Equitable Communities
  • Make Your Difference in the World  


How do the required activities relate to the six proficiency areas?

While a student may experience growth in many areas from an activity, listed below are the intended outcomes of each required activity.

Required Activity

Proficiency Area

Overall Program Goal

Kick-off Retreat





1. Recognize the Leader Within


Provide students with an orientation to the tools of developing their intercultural leadership (self- assessment, creating personal mission statements, and ongoing personal development).

Peer Mentoring


Develop students’ networking skills and ability to see selves in a continuum of social change, as leaders.

Community-Based Learning

2. Articulate Your Ethical/Spiritual Center

Practice social responsibility to the larger community.


Study Abroad


3. Engage With and Value Diversity

Practice discovery/interaction with diversity, de-centering, re-centering, and flexibility in an international context.

Catalyst Trip

4. Dialogue on Power and Privilege

Practice reflection, challenging, interrogating, unpacking of power dynamics in personal experience of difference in relationship with a group. 

Inclusive Leadership Project

5. Create Inclusive and Equitable Community

Practice participatory skills of inclusion and collaboration.


Mentoring from Community Women




6. Make Your Difference in the World


Develop students’ networking skills and ability to see self in a continuum of social change, as a follower.

Capstone Retreat

Empower students to develop a plan for lifelong intercultural engagement and practice of intercultural leadership.


Create E-Portfolio of Intercultural Leadership Activities and Reflections


Every portfolio will contain reflection paper/s or project/s for each proficiency area that tangibly document student’s competence as an intercultural leader, as well as a summative discipline-based reflection paper. 

Nine credit hours

Varies for each student’s portfolio

Develop students’ ability to articulate connections between their curricular and co-curricular intercultural leadership education.

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