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E-Portfolio of Intercultural Leadership


This program provides students with a structure to demonstrate through an electronic portfolio the individual development of intercultural leadership, organizing many curricular and co-curricular learning activities. To satisfy the requirements for certification, each student will create an electronic portfolio that tangibly documents her competence in the six proficiency areas.

The portfolio serves two purposes. First, it embeds constant self-assessment into the program. Second, each portfolio captures the personal intercultural leadership transformation throughout a student's undergraduate career and demonstrates her unique intercultural leadership.

Formal assessment of students’ portfolios is done at the mid-point of the program by the advisor and at the end by two anonymous reviewers.  The final assessment will be conducted by a community member and a faculty/staff member of Saint Mary's College.

For more information on the Intercultural Leadership Program contact Professor Mana Derakhshani mana@saintmarys.edu

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